The Global Row 2016

In the arena of ocean-going feats, there are few records left to conquer. Circumnavigating the globe, solo and unsupported in a rowing boat, is one of them and it is due to be undertaken in October 2016 by Olly Hicks.

In 2005 Olly completed a lifelong ambition to row across the Atlantic, becoming not only the first person to do so from the USA to the UK, but also the youngest to row any ocean solo.  

During this voyage Olly decided that the ultimate challenge lay in rowing around the world, unsupported.

In January 2009 Olly departed Tasmania on the Virgin Global Row. After 96 days he landed in New Zealand, writing history again to become the first to row the Tasman Sea, but due to a fundamental boat design flaw the voyage had to be suspended.

Completing the voyage

Olly has since been working with internationally acclaimed naval architects to re-design, test and prove the new boat and is now ready to complete his mission.

The Global Row is one of the last great world firsts remaining - with his considerable ocean rowing experience Olly is in an excellent position to complete this challenge.

Having already crossed the Atlantic, the Tasman and endured three hurricanes at sea, Olly knows that the expedition is well within his grasp.

The Global Row is seeking sponsorship and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Olly Hicks is a seriously tough adventurer. Not satisfied with having rowed the Atlantic at the age of 23, he is now planning to row around the world by circumnavigating Antarctica in the notoriously awful Southern Ocean. His adventure will combine physical endurance with a scientific programme. His exploits will be accessible to schools and provide charities with substantial support. We at the Transglobe Expedition Trust are delighted to be involved with this project and I personally salute Olly in this remarkable and epic challenge.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Recent News

November 16, 2011
Olly receives official endorsement from Sir Ran Fiennes himself!
We learnt a couple of weeks ago that The Transglobe Trust, the organisation established by Ran back in the good old days following his first ground breaking trans-globe mission, was lending its support to Olly and The Global Row.
It was a huge honour for Olly to receive the following endorsement from Sir Ran himself yesterday:
November 8, 2011
Explorers Connect covers The Global Row
In the arena of ocean-going feats there are few records left to conquer. Circumnavigating the globe, solo and unsupported in a rowing boat, is one of them, and it is one due to be undertaken by Olly Hicks in 2012.